Highlights from the Summer Isles and Rubha Coigeach

At first I thought the fuel dispute would curtail our trip north - and then there was the weather, but in the end things came together for some excellent paddling amidst the Summer Isles, within Enard Bay and out around Rubha Coigeach. We even managed a little river paddling - in sea kayaks...a few of the highlights below with more detailed posts to follow once I've sorted out the images.
A good northerly ground swell was running on our first day out amongst the Summer Isles - above, Tim in the Tiny Taran gets close to a reef break on the northern edge of Eilean Mullagrach, the most northerly of the islands.
Brian and Tim beyond, heading south towards Bottle Island, the rugged snow flecked slopes of Ben Mor Coigach beyond.
Tim, amidst the spray rounding Rubha Coigeach - the persistent northerly swell and a F4/5 westerly created interesting and entertaining conditions here while blue skies and warm sunshine were a delight after three days of clag and wind.
The River Kirkaig - an entertaining and unusual start to a day's paddling amongst the islands south of Lochinver. It was also an interesting exercise to take the Taran on the river, especially given the design of the boat, inspired in part at least by the white water racers.
The first puffin I have seen this year - always good.
Rock gardens on the north-east side of Rubha Coigeach, washed by the swell and cautiously explored as we rounded the peninsula.
The clag lifts from Suilven beyond Enard Bay...
...while an otter basks in the sun. He was not concerned in the least by our presence, repeatedly rolling on the rock, scratching his back. After three wet days, we were all quite happy to sit and soak in the sun for a while it seemed.
Chris, crossing towards Eilean Dubh in dramatic light towards the end of our first day amidst the Summer Isles...
More to follow.


Odin Hestholm said…
Fantastic photos!
Vince said…
Superb pictures Will. Can't wait to see the full write up.
Ian said…
Great shots Will, particularly like the Otter image - they always move before I get focussed!

Kind Regards
Will Herman said…
Thanks Vince - Odin - Ian...

Ian - This was a particularly relaxed otter!