Poles apart

Another of those images that I have had in my mind's eye for some time - since I first visited this bay in fact, more years ago than I care to think.
Sitting on white sands on that first evening I spent here, I watched as the sky turned through shades of orange to crimson red behind the poles of the old salmon fishing bothy. (I was surprised to find fishing operations ceased here as recently as 1994 - only a short while before that first visit of mine.)
I'm not sure the image above does the place any justice, but for me at least, it captures something of the wild solitude that I found here then.
Much has changed: the 'new and improved' campsite crams in the camper vans, slick wooden chalets offer all the comforts of home while new homes in their entirety have appeared above once secluded coves - it all seems poles apart from the scene I will always remember, but on this raw and windswept April afternoon I felt the same wild beauty as before on the empty sands...if you have been before, you will recognise the distinctive bay. If not, I will leave you to find this special place in your own time - I hope it has not changed too much again by then.