Just passing at Penrhyn Mawr

Collecting the GT which had been in need of a little attention following the Shetland trip, from Mike's workshop this weekend, provided an excuse for a quick blast out to Penryhn Mawr.
Chris heading towards the the race, adjusting rapidly to an unfamiliar boat for him, the Alaw. It had been one of those weeks where work takes over and though I knew what the tides were doing I hadn't paid much attention to the weather. A breezy start to the day prompted a closer inspection of the sea state from the cliffs early on, before collecting the boat.
To say it was such a small tide - not even 8m at Liverpool - things were looking quite impressive.
Unfortunately it was also rather messy - a WSW (F4 - 5) wind is not helpful here. Barry on the edge of the main race where we enjoyed a few good surfs before moving on finding some much better rides on the waves that formed within the eddy of Abraham's Bosum. Here the wind was pushing directly against the flow giving good sport on smaller but steeper waves.
Chris heads back into the bay after a lazy lunch on one of the small beaches, backed by cliffs that create a lovely sun trap looking out towards South Stack...
...before we headed back to Porth-y-post. Barry surfing back into the narrow entrance - wider though than at low water when I caught two large waves in face, exiting too close to the reef that creates its dog leg entrance. Porth-y-post is a convenient alternative to the often crowded Porth Dafarch.