Flamborough Head

The chalk cliffs of Flamborough Head, riddled with caves and tunnels and home to one of the two gannetries on the mainland coast of Britain, are a compelling destination.
I have paddled here in varied conditions but usually trips have been timed to coincide with low swells, in order to acces the caves - above, Dave turning the headland on a day that was about as calm as I have seen it...
...a good day for exploring the deeper caves.
And watching the gannets - many have departed but thousands remain, along with their young.
Chris passes beneath the lighthouse in Selwicks Bay before paddling through the intricate tunnels leading to North Landing.
The dramatic cliffs approaching Scale Nab...
...and the distinctive arch which marks the gannetry are perhaps the most easily recognised and singularly impressive features of this trip.
Rusting metal contrasts with the white chalk and green seas approaching Reighton sands...
...before which we passed through another long tunnel in the high cliffs, which reach around 135m in parts.
Late afternoon sun on the chalk pebbles beneath Reighton, where we soaked in the day's warmth.
Above, Chris - just visible in the lower right of the frame - is dwarfed by the cliffs leading south as we start the run back to Flamborough and South Landing beneath blue skies and the last of the season's gannets.


Mark Rainsley said…
There is also a mainland gannetry at Troup Head in Aberdeenshire. Well worth a visit.

Best wishes,

Mark R
Will Herman said…
Hi Mark - ah - yes, you're right. And I've paddled there! I'd completely forgotten about it. I think it was 2009 so another visit long overdue.
I'll update the post.
Ian said…
Hi Will, super colours in these images. That piece of iron looks very much like a ships boiler; I can imagine just how it ended up there! Was going to mention Troup Head too :o)

Kind Regards


Will Herman said…
Hi Ian - thanks for your comment - very remiss of me to forget Troup Head - Have been intending to paddle the Moray Firth area again for ages - life just gets in the way.
Maybe this Christmas I'll be able to combine family visit and a paddle...