Quest for - safe - adventure capital

Following the refusal of Honister Slate Mine's planning application for the installation of a Zip Wire running from the summit of Black Star in September 2011, I was surprised to see an article on the subject, on the Footless Crow 'blogazine'. (22 August 2012)
Political debate is not something I would normally consider here - yet the apparent continued pursuit of planning permission for the installation of a Zip Wire, which follows the installation of a via ferrata route for which permission was never granted, is something worth drawing further attention to.
It is a subject with which I have a degree of familiarity, following involvement with the case during my employment at Natural England (2008 - 2011) - but it is not specifically the conservation of the area in question that I would highlight here...
In an unusually informed and objective piece, the issue is considered by John Appleby:

Read the article here

Putting aside the conservationists' argument as well as those of the entrepreneur, the issue that I find impossible to resolve is this:
The Lake District National Park Authority (LDNPA) have stated that they wish to make The Lakes the 'adventure capital of the UK' and for that reason, supported previous planning applications. (I am not aware of any change in their position.)
Which begs the question - in what way does a one minute zip wire ride, constitute 'adventure'?
The view from Whiteless Pike towards Dale Head - beneath which lies Honister Mine
The great irony is that the proposed development lies in the heart of one of the few areas in England, which despite being far from 'wild' in any meaningful sense, does still offer real adventure for those willing to embrace it. And by this I mean being willing to embrace an experience in which the individual is challenged and the outcome is unknown.
It is not necessary to tackle one of Birkett's E9s to find adventure in The Lakes - it is there for the taking in many guises and at many levels - but you can't buy it for £35.00 a go.


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