Back to basics in black & white

Spending some time working in B&W recently, thinking about the basics of good photography, has proved interesting and I have learnt a little more about how to improve my images in both colour and B&W.
As well as the getting to grips with the conversion process - during which I have experimented with tools such as the channel mixer in PS. rather than simply desaturating which leads to predictably bland results - time spent thinking about B&W images has served to refocus my attention on some of the basics like ISO speeds - not something it is usually practical to think about for long while sat in a kayak.
Composition is a particular challenge from a kayak and what works well in colour will not necessarily be effective in the same way in B&W.
I have learnt which images work and which don't when trying to achieve particular effects - sadly the latter far outweigh the former - but it means I have a much better idea of how to go about getting the images I wish to take in future.
I have discovered the limitations of 'amateur' equipment, despite the claims of many to the contrary, but more than anything else, it has served to reinforce my opinion, that it is rarely possible to participate in a given sport and capture good images at the same time - it is necessary to focus on one or the other.
So in the end, most of my shots represent something of a compromise and photography for me, will inevitably continue to be a source of joy and frustration in varying degrees.
That is a good thing, I think.