Ravenglass and the Esk

The estuary at Ravenglass is one of those areas I have returned to time and again - it is a place of gentle beauty that never fails to please.
On a day such as this, with barely a breath of wind, blue skies and the first hint of autumn touching the fells, it was perfect. Waiting for the flood to begin, we paddled out of the estuary towards the bar, some distance off-shore, looking back toward Ravenglass, nestled beneath the fells...
...before riding the tide upstream, between the rapidly disappearing sandbanks where the waders ran to and fro - the curlews' calls reminding me of spring days long gone.
A favourite spot to pause awhile...
...before following the tide to its upper limit. In fact it is normally possible to paddle a little further upstream than this but a combination of a low river level and relatively small tide stopped us here.
Returning with the ebb beneath the late afternoon sun...
...to come ashore on the sand and mussel beds that characterise the estuary, as the sun set beyond the dunes.
Last light - a fitting end to the day.