West winds at Walney

With the winds in the west and a decent spring tide, the race which develops off the south-east point of Walney gives some great sport.
Still in the process of getting to know the Legend Wings, I was delighted with their performance again, both while surfing the race and later, in very confused and steep seas off Hilpsford Point.
Chris approaches gravel banks of Walney...
...still sheltered at this point from the westerly winds.
Passing the groyne where we had some fast rides on waves between 3 and 4ft...
...and dropping off the back of a steep wave further out. Although we both had some long rides, it was confused water with waves rearing suddenly and breaking unexpectedly - all adding a little excitement. After an hour or so we continued with the tide, to pass Hilpsford Point - here, a combination of shallow sand bars, a freshening wind and around 3knots of tide produced some explosive waves running in all directions, breaking from well over head height. Conditions only eased as we drew level with Hare Hill Beacon, where we landed, making a careful run between the old fishing posts.
An interesting landing on to a steep rocky beach, made worse by the short wavelength - despite the modest height of the waves, it was impossible to run in on the back of a wave before the next picked up the boat. Consequently we were both dumped unceremoniously on the shelving gravel where we waited for the sands to appear as the tide dropped.
Looking south, the confused seas off Hilpsford Point are clearly visible - the posts in the foreground are those we sought to avoid while landing, narrowly missing a close encounter with an isolated pair further up the beach, whose tops we saw only as we surfed past at some speed.
Heading south in the sun - the tide has dropped sufficiently for the confused seas of the point to be replaced with low surf, though the race is still running strongly off shore. Another hour's entertainment followed, keeping a watchful eye out for shipping using the channel all the while.
Around the corner and all was calm again - the resident greys enjoying a warm afternoon out of the wind...
...though many were feeling more playful than is often the case here, knocking the boats' hulls, cruising with us under Piel Castle and beyond, where we finished a great day as is usual here, with a long carry up the pier at Roa Island.