Biking by Burnmoor

The track which leads from Wasdale Head to Eskdale, passing Burnmoor Tarn, is one I have walked often enough and have been intending to ride for some time. Known as the Corpse Road - a name acquired in the years before the church at Wasdale Head was licensed to carry out burials - the track was used years ago to carry the coffins of the deceased into neighbouring Eskdale for burial. Legend has it that a grey mare pulling the coffin of a Wasdale woman lost in the mist, can still be heard on a wild night upon the moor...
The surface of the Corpse Road has improved noticeably since then, indeed it bears little resemblance now, to the track I knew as little as 15 years ago, the climb onto the moor being much easier now than it was then.
Thankfully, once up, things have changed little. The grassy and in places boggy, rocky, and sometimes boggy and rocky track, winds across the moor with the hulking shapes of Pillar and Kirk Fell looming behind.
A gentle descent to the tarn - one of the largest entirely natural tarns in The Lakes and a beautifully isolated place that seems many miles from the hordes atop the nearby summit of Scafell Pike.
Crossing the beck that feeds Burnmoor Tarn - on this day only marginally wetter than the moorland through which it flows...
...before climbing the slight rise to pass Burnmoor Lodge and then the ruins beneath Boat How.
A fast and rocky descent follows, the track narrowing...
...gradually dropping toward the treeline until emerging eventually at Boot. A fast spin led back into Wasdale - I'd hoped to return through Mitredale forest but in the wet conditions, tarmac seemed the more sensible option. One for another, drier day perhaps.