If like me, you find the sections at the back of mountain-bike guides titled 'Best climbs', best left alone, routes like this may not appeal. Yet for whatever reason, I have no objection to shouldering the bike when necessary, or tackling a daft climb as part of good route. I just don't enjoy it for its own sake. Ingleborough then may seem a strange choice. Out and back, the summit being 724m, it is the sort of route I'd normally avoid. But then the descent is rather good.
I'd looked at the track before and knew I'd soon be pushing. In fact there are some sections that are almost flat, but not many. I was pleased to ride as much as I did on the way up, only resorting to shouldering the bike on the last steep climbs to the summit plateau.
Ahead, the main climb - made easier on the way up by the gravelled track, and much faster on the way down.
In the cloud and on the top.
I didn't stay long, starting the descent quickly to regain the warmth of the sun. There are three very steep drops to negotiate, none particularly easy...
...before the real fun begins.
Looking out across White Scars towards Morecambe Bay.
The downhill run ends all too soon, followed by a beautiful and still fast section of grassy track, the odd rocky section adding a little spice, before the walled track is picked up once more, culminating in a fast rocky drop to the road. A brilliant run.