Inside Ingleborough

As a child I remember reading of the exploits of those like Geoff Yeadon, cavers who in the sixties and seventies, were tackling the more difficult systems in Yorkshire particularly, but also those abroad, including the Gouffre Berger, held as the deepest known cave anywhere until 1963. (-3,681 ft.) I read their accounts - the near fatalities in Boreham and the linking of Keld Head and Kingsdale - with a dread fascination. It is perhaps fortunate that of the literature available to me then, mountaineering accounts far outweighed the tales of cave-diving.
Now, more used to exploring coastal caves by kayak, the temptation to venture underground on foot, surfaces every so often. This is Great Douk - an easy passage on the flank of Ingleborough - though today with a torrent of water rushing through and continuing to rise, exploration was brief. Every sport is better it seems, when it's not raining.