The Grizedale Grunt

Despite wintry scenes on the Yorkshire moors the day before, the thaw has stripped much of the snow from the Lakeland fells and freed the lower tracks from ice - a good day then to hide from the chill winds amongst the trees of Grizedale.
Avoiding the well known trail centre routes, we followed the natural bridleways, making a vaguely circular loop, cold legs taking us to the top of Breasty Haw - a bit of a grunt but worth the short effort for our first, fast descent of the day.
Chris emerges from the trees, having put the new bike through its paces - its predecessor, like mine, stolen earlier in the year.
A break by the shore of Esthwaite Water...
...before pushing on, fast singletrack winding through the conifers...
...the lack of light making life difficult with the camera. Panning allowed for some passable shots, though even the biggest aperture was insufficient for a sharp image.
Above the tree line and a distant view of the Howgills - the two central ridge lines being those I rode a few weeks ago.
Back amongst the woodland, cleared areas and younger plantations visible below the snow capped Coniston fells. It was interesting to ride through the many varied aspects of Grizedale forest - the management of which is an intriguing subject, suffice it to say, I hope that the trend in many areas to replant with native species, continues to grow.
High above Coniston...
...and the brilliant run down to Low Parkamoor, remnants of the old oak forest beyond - Dodgson Wood.
A cold spin across the tops took us to the top of the last descent for the day - split into three fast and loose drops back to Satterthwaite.