Up, down and off

Two big climbs, two big descents and more than two good falls. An interesting day, with a lot of carrying, more snow than I'd reckoned on and a few bruises to show for my efforts.
Looking over Wharfedale, above Fosse Wood. A familiar spot.
A rare stretch of level ground on a short day that gave over 700m of ascent.
The snow streaked flank of Great Whernside...
...which I left rapidly behind on a fast descent into Littondale...
...followed by a slow climb back onto Old Cote Moor Top.
As I climbed the snow cover increased and I shouldered the bike for 2km.
Despite the thaw, temperatures in the valley close to double figures, deep soft snow plagued the climb, the southerly winds piling last week's snow against the walls and burying the track. Things only improved below 500m - and only after I had taken five falls - one at some speed as I dropped steeply on springy heather, hitting a snow filled hollow and executing a perfect somersault, rolling to a halt a surprising distance from the bike.
Last light across Yockenthwaite Moor as I limped back to Buckden.