A Birdie before Bass Rock

Are you playing golf? It seemed a strange question to ask someone wearing a dry suit, bending over a sea kayak. A light hearted retort about birdie's and gannets met with a frosty reception as we loaded boats beside the club.
With the conversation completed under-par, we set out for Bass Rock, seen here from the sands of The Gegan.
Setting out from Milsey Bay, a blue sky belies icy water and a chill breeze.
Enjoying a playful swell of around two feet, passing The Leithies.
Crossing to Bass Rock, the first gannets were slow to appear...
...and while it was impressive as always to see these great birds, their numbers seemed low even for April.
Beneath the west facing cliffs of Bass Rock, tucked out of the raw easterly, we basked awhile in the sun...
...as the gannets circled above.
A short crossing took us to the sands west of Tantallan Castle, where a quick roll redeemed my comic lapse of concentration in the small surf.
Tantallon Castle beyond the bay...
...which we passed soon enough, playing briefly amongst the skerries of Canty Bay.
A narrow channel led back towards North Berwick...
...where we finished the paddle as cold gusts gathered beneath darkening skies.
A cold afternoon on the water and fewer birdies than I'd hoped, but still, better than golf.