A long time coming

It's been a long time coming this year - that first warm evening with sufficient light for a more relaxed trip into the Dales. The lapwing and curlew are back on the uplands - their familiar calls so welcome after the snows which linger still.
Also familiar, this view (two images stitched roughly together): looking towards Pen-y-ghent. Less familiar, for me at least, was the satisfaction of staying on the bike for the entire ascent from Helwith Bridge to reach the shoulder above Dale Head. It's not a huge climb but it's long enough to require some teeth gritting.
The short blast down to Dale Head is followed by tarmac - the road which drops eventually into Littondale. Here the moors were alive with lapwing while the curlew called, drawing me on to break from the road, heading down towards Foxup.
Evening sun lights the flank of Horse Head, above Littondale. (Another rough stitching of images here.)
Traversing the northern flanks of Pen-y-Ghent, the track is mostly good and with a few notable exceptions where deep snow drifts filled the gullies, was surprisingly dry.
My rather too relaxed approach soon saw me chasing the setting sun but I paused awhile to savour the moment - a perfect evening on the moors.