Easter eggs and the Garburn gash

Garburn Pass above Kentmere in the Lakes has something of a reputation - claimed by some as one of the longest and fiercest descents in the region. In fact I'm not sure it is either of those, but it is long and loose enough to test both bike and rider in equal measure.
Above, Chris drops into Kentmere after the climb from Sleddale, a descent marred by gates, as is the next section of the ride from Kentmere across to High Borrans. Eventually we reached the top of the Garburn Pass to begin the much anticipated descent. No gates, except those marking the start and end of the difficulties, between which I picked rather than ripped my way down, feeling frustrated by some poor line choices and consequent pauses. To my consternation Chris appeared at the bottom with a grim expression, a gash to the face and an egg on the temple that could have been wrapped and sold at Easter.
A good ride then, but what felt like a less than successful day, and while I will no doubt go back to the pass to work on my skills, I couldn't help but feel there are many more routes in the Lakes that offer longer, equally technical descents and which make for a better day's riding on the whole. It would certainly be hard to squeeze anymore gates into one ride.