Gaining perspective

Since returning from Shetland last summer, I have focused less and less on the kayaking. It's not so much that my enthusiasm has waned, more that I feel less inclined to return repeatedly to familiar shores.
Sea kayaking for me, was always a means of exploring - initially at least, it was less about the paddling and more about the places it takes you. Climbing began in the same way. In the early days, I was not interested so much in technical difficulties, more in the wild positions on remote mountain crags that many routes of more modest difficulty reached.
As I climbed more, I became side tracked by the pursuit of grades - gritstone replaced the rhyolite and within the intensity that is peculiar to that pursuit, I lost my way.
The change was more subtle at sea, but eventually it was clear. Shetland was an awakening. In that journey was everything that had inspired those first tentative strokes afloat.
Recently, the bike has once again consumed my thoughts. Left alone, my mind wanders to high mountain passes and winding descents...but I know the signs now. And as the days warm, I sense the shifting seas and empty sands...
Taken beneath the cliffs of a wild stretch of Coigach coastline, I like this image. In a few short weeks I will be there again. I will paddle to new headlands, climb some old routes and I hope, complete a few long descents.
How much richer each experience is, balanced by the perspective found within another.