Edge of the Sea

There are some climbs which quite simply, stand out from the crowd. Routes whose moves are remembered in vivid detail; a wrinkled slab, flared crack or hollow flake as familiar in the mind's eye as it was on the day it was climbed. Sometimes a route is remembered simply for its exposure or difficulty, but often it is more subtle.
Edge of the Sea is like that. Balanced, delicate moves that rise diagonally across a perfect slab, reaching towards the sea beyond an abrupt arĂȘte. It is an easy climb, and one which I have ascended on countless occasions, usually solo. It was also the first route I climbed at Reiff which in itself will always make it special. This time I was happy to place a couple of wires, protection a substitute for the old confidence.
With the last few moves and a final rock-over I felt the old thrill of fluid movement on sound rock.
We managed half a dozen routes between light showers before the rain set in, including another old favourite - Puckered Wall, a delightfully juggy VS - but still, Edge of the Sea is the route I will see first when I think of Reiff.