Legal Highs in the Lakes

At 931m, the summit of Skiddaw is almost the highest point in England where you can legally ride a bike. It's one of those rides that sits on most folks' to-do list, thoughts of a long push knocking it back until, sooner or later, there's simply no good reason not to do it.
Sunny Sunday Bank Holiday hordes mind you, would seem the perfect excuse. Yet, with the exception of one fell runner, the only people I passed were on bikes. And one in a tent. Can't argue with that.
Or the view from the top.
Being keen to make a decent ride rather than simply push up for the descent, I started in Threlkeld, heading out to Skiddaw House and then pushed up the track over Sale How which, for its sins, has settled at a height of 666m.
Looking across to Blencathra - Sale How the rounded grassy hill, centre left.
As the haze to the west cleared, the Isle of Man rose on the horizon prompting thoughts of a crossing. A bit like riding over Skiddaw, it is a crossing that remains on the list. I just haven't run out of excuses yet.
I spent a short while at the summit, looking across to the central fells, pleased I had opted for the clear northern summits rather than their southern siblings beneath the billowing cloud, before starting the long and fast run down to Latrigg. Here I turned to follow the track beneath Lonscale Fell before crossing back to the western slopes of Blease Fell after which a final flourish put me back at the car in less than four hours. Tick.