A hard day at t'office

The descent from Dollywagon Pike to Grisedale Tarn and then on to Patterdale has something of a reputation. A rapid descent of the clag had prompted an equally rapid descent of an easier route on my last visit and so, with a sense of anticipation borne of enforced contemplation, further heightened by discussion with two separate groups on the slog up Keppel Cove - which, incidentally is not unpleasant as far as these things go - I headed up, along and on toward Dollywagon and my post work, evening entertainment.
Looking toward the summit of Helvellyn across Swirral Edge, high in Keppel Cove.
A view of the central fells from Nethernmost Pike and another hard day at t'office for the herdwicks.
It was all rather strange in fact, so used am I to seeing Helvellyn in winter conditions - that being the only reason I have visited the ridge in recent years - but with the tops to myself it was little less than idyllic.
I dallied a little too long perhaps on the ridge, starting the descent proper as the light began to fail. It's reputation? Well deserved I'd say - a fine mix of fun and frustration, for me at least.