Sticks and Stones

My bit of rough was not to be. Actually, it was a bit of a relief to have a lie in instead of a long drive, and once more a late start paid dividends on the fells, which by the time I was up on the tops, I had largely to myself.
Climbing via Keppel Grove, I'd intended to go over the summit of Helvellyn and down via Grisedale Tarn, but thickening cloud on the western fells and the first drops of rain prompted a turn towards Sticks Pass and a quicker return to the valley instead.
A view from the ridge, towards High Street, The Knab sunlit before its dark flank. In the short space of time it took to reach the top of Sticks Pass, the clag had dropped further, enveloping the ridge and I plummeted down the steep track, chasing the sun. Very much a descent of two halves, and the first time I've come down this way on the bike. I stopped and dabbed amongst loose stones more than I would have liked but was pleased to get down the steep, rocky lower section quite cleanly. One to go back to try again.