The Cuillin Ridge

How many mountains we went over and how many feet we climbed it is impossible to say...we traversed backwards and forwards and up and down in our endeavours to overcome the difficulties that we met on that extraordinary ridge of the Coolin.
Professor Norman Collie
After a long weekend amidst this, the most evocative range of mountains in the UK and arguably further afield also, those words of the Collie, an early pioneer, are easily understood. A few images then, of timeless moments high on The Cuillin. Above, Tim leaves the summit of Gars-Bheinn.
Descending the west ridge of the Inaccessible Pinnacle.
The traverse of Sgurr Ghreadaidh, one of the most sustained and enjoyable sections of exposed scrambling on the ridge.
More to follow.


Douglas Wilcox said…
Lovely photos Will. Sadly my last excursion of very many on the Cuillin was a traverse of Sgurr Thuilm and the four tops of Sgurr a' Mhadaidh on 27/5/2004. On the way down my right knee dislocated very badly and I knew it was probably my last outing on the ridge. I managed to get several times a year most years from '72 and never tired of it.
Will Herman said…
Hi Douglas and thanks - definitely tired, but not of the ridge.