The Farne Islands

A flying visit to The Farnes on a fine day before the weather broke: rewarded with blue skies, clear seas, more puffins that I have seen here on any previous visit and an unidentified fin. Too far away and seen momentarily just twice while sitting beneath Longstone Lighthouse, it was obviously not a porpoise but whether a dolphin or something larger I'm not sure.
Keen to keep a good pace with the Orca Inner wing paddle on loan from Rockpool Kayaks, Chris starts the crossing to the Inner Farne.
We paused momentarily beneath the distinctive blocky cliffs of the inner islands before heading on and out across Staple Sound.
At the southern end of Staple Island the race was just starting to form, our crossing joined by the seals.
Approaching Big Harcar rafts of puffins littered the surface - they had been our constant companions - a delight to see so many of these charismatic birds all around.
Inside Longstone - trying for a surf on small waves...
...some just big enough to demand attention.
Our return to North Wamses was closely followed...
...the greys as curious as ever...
...though what they would have made of this I'm not sure.
Our return had been followed by the fog and as we sat amongst the dunes, it swallowed the islands one by one, soon enough just the Inner Farne visible across the sound.