Dusk till Dawn

A grandstand view of the central fells...
...and perhaps the most finely situated Lakeland camp I have enjoyed yet.
A perfect pitch on a natural balcony high above the upper Esk.
Clouds form as the ground cools rapidly, settling on England's highest summits.
Wide western skies...
...and last light above the rounded fells on the fringes of the Lakes.
A single experimental long exposure gave this result, catching the unnoticed path of a solitary walker descending from Scafell Pike via Esk Hause.
Dawn was no less spectacular as the sun began to burn off the cloud clinging to the flank of Cold Pike.
Pen, the minor summit above Esk Buttress catches the sun, Ill Crag wreathed in mists beyond. For hours we watched, until finally the magic was gone, lifting imperceptibly as the mists thinned and the day warmed.


Rob Pealing said…
Thanks for publishing your photos and trip reports. I spent many days/ weeks hiking in the lakes and dales 20 to 40 years ago and now live in Canada and it is good to have a reminder, there were no digital cameras in those days so I have few pictures. It is astonishing how much ground I covered in those days, you have covered a lot and I think I have been everywhere you have.
Dr Blug said…
Hi Will
Was your camp at Horn Crag?
Will Herman said…
Thanks Rob

Mike - it was a short distance above the needle...wonderful spot.