Beinn A Bhuird

In the west, the Torridon hills had been topped with a light dusting of snow. In the high corries of the Cairngorms, the cornices were already forming.
It seems so soon, the memory of the snows of last winter still fresh.
Amongst the pines of Glen Quoich, some 850m beneath A Chioch, my high point on Beinn A Bhuird, the air was warm and still...
...and it was with some reluctance that I passed all too quickly along the river, heading for the broad south-west spur of Beinn A Bhuird.
Soon enough the wide estate track gives way to a sinuous path that leads through the last of the pines...
...the angle never steep, though it is an unrelenting climb to the shoulder at 756m.
A steeper section follows, after which the angle eases again giving a long gentle climb towards the summit ridge.
Here the snow cover increased - impossible to ride on the way up but it gave for an amusing descent. From the ridge I looked down upon the corrie of Dubh Lochan, gripped by winter and after the obligatory summit photos, turned sharply to escape a bitter wind and make the long run down toward Glen Quoich.
Technically it is an easy descent, but great fun at speed.
One last drop through the pines to reach the river and wide tracks beyond.
Pines silhouetted on the slopes of Creag Bhalg...
...and a wonderful sunset beyond the Linn of Dee to end the day.