Riding high

Riding in the Lakes is often very much a long-up-and-all-too-briefly-down sort of experience. Tough climbs followed by fast rocky descents with little time apart from the obligatory breathers, to appreciate riding high amongst the fells. This route was rather different. There seemed to be more breathers for one thing. But the real difference was that we stayed up on the tops for much of the day, covering four major summits with all the ascent and re-ascent that involves, before an unbroken descent of around 7km reminded me that gravity is a friend too.
An all too short stretch of level ground on the way up...
...with long views across longer ridge lines.
Yet for a route with so much climbing, there was surprisingly and thankfully little of this, though I often find carrying preferable to pushing on rougher ground.
Blue skies belie brisk, occasionally fierce winds that rushed across the ridge, forcing concentration even on less technical ground.
A brief descent before one of those definitely-the-last-climb delusions, swiftly followed by a second carry...
...to reach what was finally, the last summit, and a fast but none too brief descent...
...and a brew. The proper way to end all such days.