Waiting for winter

It is a time of year that I find frustrating - caught between the seasons, there is often little to recommend the short days of late November - cold, blustery weather that rushes across the sodden fells. Yet there is always something worthwhile if only the right options are chosen. Running out of the clag on a steep descent recently, I was reminded painfully of the reasons I stopped running a few years ago. Still, 20k taking in the summit of Ingleborough seemed a decent effort despite the pain in the knees - there is a definite appeal to the fast and light approach that fell running dictates and though I am far from hill fit I felt the old enthusiasm for fluid movement high on the hills.
Enthusiasm that was fired by purpose as I wait for winter. The first real snow has thawed already, but more will follow soon enough and this year, if all goes to plan, I have something new to look forward to, before spring.