A wild day on the Wharfe

A wild forecast combined with just enough rain to bring the river levels up a notch, saw Mike, Tim and I heading for Grassington on the River Wharfe, to make our run down to the bridge a little way beyond Bolton Abbey. It is a familiar enough stretch of water - one which I have run and walked beside on countless occasions and though I have considered it equally frequently, I had never paddled here before.
In no particular order then, some images from a blustery paddle that began for some above, and others below, Linton Falls. Above, Tim making it look easy...
...before taking charge of the camera a little later as we worked our way down towards the Strid.
Mike entering a narrow channel not dissimilar to the Strid...
...and setting off downstream once more. Though the Strid itself looked innocuous enough, we all opted to walk around.
An entertaining section of rapids led to this little drop - the relatively low levels making it tricky in places to get the line right, though as planned I avoided the hole to my left easily enough.
Tim in more challenging water...
...getting the line just right.
I doubt I would have been less wet on the bike and being sheltered as we were from the winds, the Wharfe lived up to expectations that have formed over many years.