Wet exit

The closest I have come recently to a 'wet exit' was on the River Wharfe. Large rocks dotted through a shallow rapid made control difficult and I was forced to run a channel overhung by a thick branch, little more than a foot above the surface. The water was a shade deeper here - enough to pick up speed but not so much that a roll was appealing. At first I thought leaning back on the deck would see me safely under - no chance - and over I went. I came back up smartly enough downstream, shallow rapids like that being no place to hang around upside down. And so I avoided an embarrassing swim and an awkward wet exit.
Since then, I have done very little. Winter bugs and wild weather have seen me spending more time indoors than I can remember doing for a long while, though I did manage a few hours up on Barden Moor...
Heading towards Rylstone Crag, mists clinging to the moorland edge beneath stormy skies.
I followed the edge for a while, noting familiar climbs and memorable problems on the boulders that litter the moor.
There is a waterfall hereabouts too, its unexpected appearance making me pause a moment as always.
Showers mixing with shifting mists across the valley and as the rain began to fall in earnest I dropped quickly off the moor, neatly avoiding the worst of the day's weather.
But as the year draws to a close, with no end in sight to the relentless pattern of rain and gales, it seems there's no avoiding a disappointingly warm, windy and wet exit to 2013.
Happy New Year!