Closer to home

In a previous job, I once attended a workshop which had been organised as part of an effort to identify and implement new measures to help small businesses capture income through tourism in the Yorkshire Dales National Park. I arrived with enthusiasm and ideas - after all this has been my local stomping ground for over a decade...
As part of the day, various groups looked at assorted  marketing literature, assessing its strengths and looking for opportunities. One leaflet actually sold the Dales, primarily on its proximity to the Lakes. Numerous hands were raised in despair, though it brought a wry smile to my face, for that is the real reason I originally chose to live where I do: ease of access to the fells, with the Dales a substitute on days when time or weather dictates.
Yet on this day, pondering the cost of fuel, I was reminded of that workshop and the many reasons for staying closer to home.
Above, a view of Buckden Pike and above that, starting the fast run down to Arncliffe: two of my favourite reasons to leave the fells for another day.