Wind free above Willie Wife Moor

Almost unbelievably, the last real snow I saw on the hills, was four months ago while riding Beinn A Bhuird in the Cairngorms. Since then, the interminable south-westerly gales have put pay to any real winter activity despite some significant snow fall recently. And so a weather, or more accurately, wind-window of less than 24 hours was an opportunity not to be missed.
Beyond Grisedale Tarn, the flank of St Sunday Crag looked promising...
...though the wind scoured slopes leading up to Nethernmost Pike and Helvellyn offered much less snow...
...but interesting and enjoyable skinning above 600m.
Looking down on Grisedale Hause and the shifting mists enveloping Seat Sandal.
Linking the narrow runs of good snow on a rising traverse gave plenty of opportunity to practise kick turns, and for a while we enjoyed the sun though it was short lived.
On the summit ridge, visibility was appalling and in near white-out conditions there seemed little point in continuing our intended route north.
Dropping quickly out of the clag, down towards Grisedale Tarn once more...
...and clearing skies beyond Deepdale Hause.
Tim finishing the descent with small flourish amongst the boulders...
...before picking up the path that runs beneath the wonderfully named Willie Wife Moor.
A slow start to winter then - but an enjoyably wind free day of snow and rock (dodging) - and given the increasingly extensive snow cover, it looks set to stay at least a while yet.