A fine day on the fells

Heading up onto the fells, bike on my shoulders, I was pleased not to have fallen for initial appearances. The snow cover was thinner even than I had suspected from the valleys.
Tempted as I had been, carrying the skis would have been a futile exercise, but it was a fine day to be on the hill...
...though it felt like some time since I had shouldered the bike and using the blue skies as a welcome excuse, I stopped a couple of times, sheltered in small hollows from the cold breeze, listening to the skylarks, soaking in the warmth of the sun beneath the crags.
And so, having taken the bike for a good walk, time for some fun. A 700m drop over 6km. And for once I made a clean run. No flats, no photos, no dabs - even that tight corner that I normally take too fast to make the narrow slot beyond - just the gates lower down, but that doesn't count. A fast run for the first real outing this year in the fells and finally it seems the incessant gales of winter are done.