Kidsty Pike

I don't really do walking. It's not that I don't enjoy time spent walking, and I've walked many miles carrying ropes and gear up and down the fells on days when the likelihood of it being used was laughable. But still, without that greater objective, motivation is often lacking. And so despite a thaw, I had arrived at the head of Haweswater with skis and all the paraphernalia for an afternoon's tour, willing to walk for the snow I thought would make for an enjoyable circuit high above the reservoir. 
No chance. There was plenty of snow - all of it above 600m on the steep north facing slopes and almost none on the ridges. And so I walked...
...above the pines and down to the becks that flow from Riggindale, where I once saw the last of England's golden eagles. The female bird died in 2004 and while I know the male was there in 2013, I can't help but wonder for how long? It will be a sad loss and a sad reflection on the loss of wild places when this, the last of England's eagles dies. Of him today there was no sign, though as I gained height on the broad flank of Kidsty Pike, I saw red deer far below - the first time I have seen them here, on the open fell.
Looking south from the summit,780m. I stayed for perhaps half an hour, leaving only as the light began to fail. Wonderful skies and a good walk with which to end the working week.