Summer time sunshine

With the change of the clocks, right in cue it seems, summer arrived in the Lakes. 
At least for a day. 
Heading into Mosedale beneath a warm sun, the burnt orange of last year's bracken adding colour to the fells whose flanks are just turning to green.
A warm breeze and 17 degrees made for a hot climb and we lazed in the sun, more than once, on the way up. Despite the warmth, spring had yet to reach the ridge - rideable in ascent in parts at least - the grasses still faded, though the ground was dry and firm.
The angle soon increased once again, forcing bikes back onto shoulders as the grassy incline gave way to steeper rubble strewn slopes approaching the summit.
Just beneath the final climb, gazing over the upper corrie, the last of the snows lingering in the gullies, melting fast.
Starting the descent - nearly 800m over 5km...
...which made for some steep, technical and fast drops.
Picking a line amongst the boulders...
...avoiding the wheel catchers required concentration with a couple of the steepest sections proving unrideable in either direction.
Lower down, and the track opens up, pitched steps providing a rattling drop towards the valley before giving way to flowing singletrack, fast - loose in places - it is perhaps one of the best descents in the area.
Looking towards Gable, as the sun set on the first day of summer time - a superb start to the season.