Back on track - a perfect run

With the forks fixed - under warranty - I was quite literally, back on track. Riding into the fells, I worked slowly up towards a summit I have visited only twice, both occasions being some years ago
But I remembered well enough the grandstand view of the western fells.
On the way up, looking across the valley towards two para-gliders making the most of the evening's thermals.
The obligatory carry for those intent on lakeland summits...
...justified by the views - looking across the Solway...
...and the riding. Which was a mix of steep, rocky, technical drops and fast grassy slopes.
Beautiful evening light from a minor summit on the descent...
...there being a few short climbs on the ridge I descended to the valley floor, my route the obvious ridge in the left of the frame above, after which it all got a bit too much like hard work. I'd dallied on the summit, only starting my descent at around 8.30pm. With the light failing I found my optimistic glance at the map earlier had failed to note the gradient of the next stage. What had looked like a nice traverse was in fact a not insignificant climb, on the narrowest of trails, choked by bracken.
Looking back on the climb from the coll - reached with blood and sweat if not tears. But what followed repaid the effort tenfold. A sliver of the most-single-of-singletrack, clinging tenuously to the steep sided valley - flowing. winding and fast it went on and on and just kept on coming until, just as my arms were giving out, it spat me out onto the narrow road just a few km's from my starting point to the north. A perfect run beneath a full moon, neither of which I was willing to stop to photograph though it would have made a beautiful image. 
Still, I suspect I will remember that descent - a perfect run - for many years to come.