Running by Rylstone

The second snowfall of any significance looks set to last at least a little longer than the first, though the ground remains only partially frozen and the snow itself wet. Having enjoyed our quota of mud while riding a few days earlier, but determined to make good use of the blue skies and sun, running seemed the sensible option. 
From Embsay reservoir it is short sharp pull onto the moor above Crookrise, the path weaving among gritstone boulders before leveling off briefly, dropping and climbing once more to Rylstone Cross and a little further, Cracoe Memorial.
Retracing the route from the memorial obelisk, the track here is a delight to run, semi-frozen peat littered with small boulders, soft ice crunching underfoot on a fast stretch back along the edge.
Passing Crookrise once more as the snow turned pink in the last of the day's light - a sharp left across the open moor and a little frozen bog trotting followed to take in Embsay Crag before dropping steeply, slithering and sliding barely in control on the last leg back to the reservoir.