A short evening over Long Top

It has been a few years since I was last on the undulating ridge running south from Bowfell over Crinkle Crags but with a vague plan to include it as part of a more significant run in the spring and a couple of hours light to play with now the days have started to lengthen, I was keen to get reacquainted.
Working up towards Cold Pike, on this day from the Three Shires Stone - considering the options for the next trip. The route I have in mind will start at the bridge over Cockley Beck, taking in the Scafell summits first before completing the horseshoe over Great End, Esk Pike, Bowfell and Crinkle Crags descending to the Three Shire Stone and following the beck back to the bridge. It's a fairly obvious circuit, unremarkable in its length or difficulty as far as fell running goes, but it remains one I have wanted to run for years now and having got a little of the old hill-fitness back, is one I'm looking forward to completing in a month or so.
Back to the moment - and a moment's rest with the clag clinging to Crinkle Crags beyond, Long Top the highest of the crinkles.
Climbing the so-called bad-step. Now completely clean if rather polished, with a profusion of positive holds, it barely warrants the title, though this and the steep ground above remain a particularly enjoyable section of the ridge. Beyond, the clag thickened and with visibility down to a few yards in places there was little reason to linger on the summit of Bowfell.
Retracing my steps over Long Top and down towards Great Knott...
...where visibility improved giving a clear view of the descent to Red Tarn after which the route turns and drops once again to Wrynose Pass to complete a respectable 13km* with 800m* ascent in total.
*Two very approximate measurements