Reflecting on Wastwater

Of all the Cumbrian lakes, Wastwater remains a favourite haunt. Markedly busier in the summer months than I remember it when I could legitimately call the area home, it is still less frequented than most simply by virtue of its inaccessibility. And in the winter it retains a sense of wild beauty long since lost in many places on the eastern side of the fells.
I have seen the lake in all of its moods, from tranquil summer mornings to wild winter nights - and remember watching in awe one Christmas as great sheets of spray were lifted from the surface as storm force winds battered the fells. Only rarely have I seen it so calm, and never like this.
An evening of rare, transient beauty, the sea fret creeping insidiously into the valley...
...reaching slowly across the screes, until quite suddenly the lake was gone, only the highest summits drawing breath from the clear skies high above.


Ian Johnston said…
Lovely Will, a real "days like these" evening

Kind Regards
Will Herman said…
Thanks Ian - I see you saw a few reflections yourself recently - looked to be a lovely trip.