You can run but you can't hide

The blue skies and cold clear air of the previous evening had eventually succumbed to the fog flowing in from the coast, hiding all but the highest of England's summits before nightfall. Unfortunately there would be no hiding from the Easter crowds drawn all too predictably to those same mountains the next day, my own motivation for taking in the summit of Scafell Pike having more to do with the fact that it provided the natural high point for a run which descended via the Corridor Route - a high level traverse which to my mind is equaled in the Lakes only by the path which cuts across the northern slopes of Pillar linking the top of Black Sail Pass to Pillar Rock.

A continually absorbing mountain path, the Corridor Route begins (in descent) from centre of the broad the col between Lingmell and Scafell Pike (seen on the left of the image above), weaving above Piers Gill and beneath the crags of Broad Crag and Round How to reach Sty Head where we would temporarily rejoin our route of ascent before dropping steeply back to Wasdale Head beside the falls and clear pools of Lingmell Beck. I have used the path many times and it was one I have wanted to run for some time.
The climb to Sty Head Tarn was dispatched painlessly enough, the bulk of Great Gable receding gradually as we gained height...
...though from the broad ridge of Great End, there remained plenty of climbing still to do. From here, the numbers of walkers steadily increased - I counted upwards of 30 on the summit of Scafell Pike shortly before we arrived - the reaction to our passage the usual mix of bemused, usually friendly, sometimes curious and occasionally plain rude that I have encountered so often while on the bike in the fells. A not insignificant wind chill left little reason to dally on the summit - a soulless place on days so crowded - descending rapidly to reach the start of the Corridor Route.
Pausing for a moment above the rift of Piers Gill, Pillar and Gable providing the back drop beyond the austere and rarely visited north facing crags of Lingmell.
On the last section of the traverse, descending beneath blue skies and a strong sun...
...before dropping steeply to the valley floor and following the beck back to Wasdale Head.
A fine sunset beyond the western fells - a peaceful close to a busy day on the hill.