Bank Holiday swell at Burnmouth

The easterly swell had been running at a little over three meters off the Scottish coast south of the Firth of Forth, but along with the winds, was due to drop to a more manageable meter and a half or so, which is essentially what happened opening a window for a trip along the dramatic cliffs north of Burnmouth, to St Abb's Head.
The winds were also due to build again and this happened too, unfortunately a little earlier than forecast it seemed, prompting a return to Burnmouth sooner than planned.
There was little indication of either swell or wind launching to the north of Burnmouth harbour...
...though beyond its walls the surf was immediately apparent.
Threading through a series of breaks before running downwind some distance off shore. By the time we had passed Eyemouth conditions were deteriorating - cirrus streamed in front of high level cloud, replacing blue skies and broken cumulus of the morning and already the wind was gusting around F5, white capped wind waves running across the swell. Turning in to follow the coastline towards Coldingham Bay we paddled on passing Callercove Point by which time it was clear that the return trip would be a slog into offshore headwinds at best. It wasn't such a difficult decision - the cliffs of St Abb's Head would wait for a better day.