A taste of Torridon

A late arrival in Oban, followed by a flurry of unpacking and repacking kit and an even later arrival in Torridon, meant that our next objective was scaled down somewhat, but then even a short afternoon on the bike in these parts allows for some high quality riding. And besides, our drive through the night had been made worthwhile by the sighting of a wildcat as we passed beneath the five sisters of Kintail. Much as I would feel somehow cheated were I to see a humpback whale from the deck of a ferry rather than from the kayak (a humpback was seen very recently incidentally, from a tour boat operating near Gairloch), I couldn't help but feel a vague sense of disappointment that the first wildcat I should see, was to be from the car as this most elusive creature crossed the main road.
Either way, the fleeting image was clear in the mind's eye the next day as we toiled into the hills above Annat. The image above, taken from the ridge of Liathach on the opposite side of the glen, gives some idea of the scale of this gargantuan landscape, the Torridon sandstone which provides its own peculiar form of excitement on the climbs in the area, also creating some unique riding opportunities...
...slabs like this in particular, which ease progress on the way up...
...and make for a fun, fast descent.
With Liathach and Beinn Eighe forming the backdrop, there a few routes equal in their combination of dramatic mountain scenery and technical riding - it was a short afternoon but as usual, even a brief taste of Torridon left me keen for more.