Across the sea to Skye

Despite the promise of clearing skies and a fine afternoon, the next morning's clag failed to lift and with a cold north-easterly, there was little inclination for either the hills or the sea. A walk up to the lighthouse at Rubha RĂ©idh revealed the sense of staying ashore - although the coastline south of the lighthouse remained relatively sheltered, conditions changed dramatically at the point with 1.5 to 2m waves breaking heavily in the race and a choppy sea as far as it was possible to see beyond. By early evening however things had improved.
Later still, a low sun cast beautiful light across the sands beneath our camp...
...the Torridon mountains - still clagged in - providing a dramatic backdrop as rainbows formed beyond Red Point.
Last light, looking across the sea to Skye - a stunning evening with the promise of better things for tomorrow.