A different perspective

For as long as I can remember, the mountains of the north-west have been a part of my life. The mountains and the coast. My earliest memories include the soaring ridges of Torridon, the scent of heather, bracken and pine in the glens beneath and running barefoot across warm peat to the clean, cold sea beyond. For just as long, a camera has never been far away and while I have always enjoyed taking the pictures, I find those taken by others on those trips we have shared, fascinating for the different perspective they provide.
Taken exactly three and half decades ago by my father, this is one such image of myself on the summit of Benn na h-Eaglaise - an area I have come to know well in recent years on the bike following the trails of the Coulin and Beinn Damph Forest - looking towards the distinctive ridge and the horns of Beinn Alligin. I no longer remember the moment, but I would like to think it left its mark. I have much to be grateful for, that early inspiration contributing in no small part to a sense of meaning, purpose and perspective in the years since. It has led me in many directions and filled my life with memories of wild and beautiful places, none more so than the complex coastline of the Scottish Highlands and Islands. 
Taken a mere three and half years ago, Tim took this image as Chris and I began the crossing from Islay to Colonsay, the Paps of Jura beyond. It was a fantastic trip in many ways and somehow, seeing myself in this image gives me a different perspective to the many pictures of my own from the four days we spent amongst these remarkable islands.


Ian Johnston said…
This is what it's about Will... "days like these", experiences and memories to last a lifetime

Kind regards