Clean lines at Cayton Bay

After weeks of high winds, rain and yet more gales, a brief interlude on the east coast was too tempting to miss. The promise of light winds, a little sun and a low swell with the surf running at 5ft (11sec) proved almost exactly correct - only the sun failed to make an appearance but once on the water, there was little thought for anything except the waves which were every foot of the forecast five and occasionally a couple more.
Waiting and watching the sets... Chris prepares to break out.
With the tide still low, the larger sets were breaking on a bar some distance out which made for an easier launch and some exciting moments once a little further offshore.
As the tide rose, the waves improved...
...both us enjoying some long fast rides on the clean lines of Cayton's surf, along with a few rolls and my first wet exit in over 12 months - an awkward moment in the shallows, my head bumping the sand and being unable to set back up for a roll before being pulled out of the boat.
Another pause before heading out again... was hard to get shots of the better rides on the larger clean waves behind - breakers in the shallows obscuring the view, though such a wave is clearly visible beyond Chris, above.
The last of a good set breaks ahead as I pull out of the shallows...
...enjoying another good few rides and powerful breaks before catching a smaller wave back in.
And a last look across the bay towards Scarborough - two SUPs, along with dozens of boarders out of view, still enjoying the waves. Perfect.


Tony said…
Some awesome looking waves there Will; would have made for some great video I bet. The power in water is hard to convey if one hasn't been there being sucked out of the kayak.

Tony :-)
Will Herman said…
Cheers Tony - video would be great but I haven't the patience for the editing! The bigger sets were certainly powerful enough to be careful with the elbows and high braces but on the faces we had some lovely long rides carving around before they steepened too much...great fun.