Huge jugs and Green Lipped Mussels

With waterfalls forming in the streets of late and record flooding very close to home, heading out deliberately to climb through the falls at Gordale may seem a little odd, and certainly attracted some odd looks, although I couldn't help notice the number of cameras flashing below while climbing towards the upper waterfall, pictured below.
Though it required more of a wade than normal, climbing out of the gorge wasn't any more difficult than usual - unlike the sport route (Green Lipped Mussels F7c) which takes the roof of the window through which this waterfall drops to emerge on the face immediately above - there are huge jugs (holds) everywhere.
Wonderful light above on the moors though the colours rapidly faded, this being a good couple of hours before sunset, and a brief interlude between the gales and incessant rain that is now falling again. It looks like another wet exit ahead.


I don't really have a useful or meaningful comment to make other than I like this post… but there isn't a button so… ;-) Lovely light in that second pic. Hope you've not been affected by flooding at home.