Cold and wet

At last the seasons appear to have changed. Winter has arrived in The Dales - at last, an end to the unseasonably warm and wet weather. Now it is cold and wet instead. Still, the cold snap has brought a little snow to the fells, adding interest to a familiar run over Ingleborough.
Above Trow Gill - a melt-water gorge which formed as the glaciers melted over thousands of years - and heading for more recent snow, also melting.
On the ridge at a little over 600m, looking north towards the summit plateau around 100m higher.
The last few feet, sheltered temporarily from a bitter wind with dramatic winter skies behind...
...and a view of Pen-y-ghent to the east.
The obligatory summit photo - it was a brief stop on the wind scoured plateau, feet and fingers paying the price for fiddling with the camera, before turning and dropping rapidly back towards Clapham Bottoms and the beck, normally a gentle stream glimpsed through the wooded valley, today a torrent of white water ending in the violent falls above Clapham itself.