High above Hag Dyke

Another wintry day in The Dales, this time the ground hard, the snow dry and light lying atop frozen peat which made for fast progress on the ridge of Great Whernside, high above Hag Dyke.
Following the valley floor first to Starbotton along the River Wharfe, there follows the climb of Cam Head - unrelenting whichever way it is taken...
...before the track levels and contours beneath Top Mere and the old mines - the steep flank of Great Whernside beyond.
It is another steep climb though with the lower boggy section frozen, easier going than is sometimes the case in summer and certainly drier.
On the ridge and still ahead of the snow showers passing through though the summit (704m) was now hidden in the clag.
Looking down on Angram and Scarhouse resevoirs to the east...
...before pushing on, into near white out conditions approaching the top though the snow showers passed quickly, carried on a biting wind that eased only as I dropped back to the valley floor.
A moment's pause above Hag Dyke, looking out across Conistone Moor before following the twisting beck down to Kettlewell...
...and the brilliant hues of a winter sunset on the ridge high above.