A roll or three at Rhosneigr

There was little sign of the forecast surf early on, clean but small waves of around one foot rolling in gently, washing against, rather than breaking upon the sands, but as the tide flooded the shallow beach, so things improved rapidly. Remarkably so in fact, with long clean waves between three and five feet running in regular sets and providing some lengthy rides and a roll or three before the empty beaches of Rhosneigr.
Curly, paddling in on the back of small wave before an entertaining episode in a strong rip running out of the south west corner of the bay.
The wind was bitter, a good F5 from the east sending spray flying in blinding sheets from the crests - Rhoscolyn Beacon beyond.
And at last light, looking across Borthwen to the beacon once more - a familiar mark upon this, a familiar stretch of coastline.