Light as the moon's path over the sea the run of the hare over the land*

Sadly, my footsteps were neither as light as the moon's path nor the run of the hare though I saw both on this, a beautiful evening above Kettlewell, running the ridge of Great Whernside.
Turning to take in the view after a slow climb of Cam Head and the bog trotting and steep ascent which follows to reach the ridge, Pen-y-ghent and Ingleborough clearly visible as the sky turned through pastel shades.
Once on the ridge, this is one of my favourite routes in the Dales. The ridge is typically broad and easy angled giving a fast route toward the summit cairn with long views in all directions...
...finishing with a flourish among weathered gritstone boulders before a fast, fun descent on soft peat.
As I dropped rapidly toward the distant valley floor, the moon rising toward clearing skies, a hare paused briefly before crossing my path. And finally, following the fleeting glimpse of this elusive creature, I felt something of the poet, Anna Crowe's affection for the hare and the light footed sense of fluid movement that is fell running at its best.
*A calendar of hares, Anna Crowe. (One of the 20, Best Scottish poems in 2005.)