Highs and lows among the Highlands

Days before heading north, as the Scottish Highlands and Islands basked in the early summer sun, I had commented upon my reluctance to organise trips months in advance and as if to prove the point, immediately on setting off, with long standing plans for some of the more remote areas of the far north, the weather turned, our plans changing accordingly.
Sunset beyond Gairloch, the Outer Hebrides visible on the horizon, a trip around Lewis and Harris remains on the cards but will have to wait.
An exceptional day in more ways than one, running the quartzite boulder strewn slopes of Arkle in Sutherland. It is the most northerly mountain over which I have run and one of the more demanding, requiring careful footwork to avoid injury.
The slow moving depression gave rise to some strong winds, this the start of a not unexpected squall, the winds quickly building from a gentle breeze to F5/6, catching us heading into Loch Ewe...
...after camping at Slaggan Bay, having rounded Rubha Reidh the previous day. Sleep was difficult that night, the wind frantic with severe gusts battering tent and there was little haste to move on in the morning. More to follow.